About Katrina

A recovering intellectual, I once assumed anything could be managed with reason and there was a mathematical explanation for everything. Well, I’m trying not to do the math anymore, for life is far to magical to try to explain everything with earth-plane physics and the confusion of the human mind. My quest is in learning to trust the universe by learning how to regain trust in myself. 

Since I was twenty, I’ve dealt with obscure chronic illness whose allusive nature reflects the complexities of my soul living in a human body. The healing journey has guided me to places I would never have imagined, most importantly reorienting me back to myself. The more I do so, the more I remember my deepest desires to see as much of this beautiful planet as I can, and to reconnect with the joyful and heartbreaking beauty that Earth and her inhabitants are here to share.

Athlete turned dancer, mathematician turned yogi, big-brain turned painstakingly embodied, hard-ass turned empathic to a fault, I revere my past as compost, as rich soil for planting my ever blooming self. I am still everything I once was, and now I realize I am far more. I am so excited and slightly afraid to bring light to the parts of me that have been ignored in darkness for so long. May we all have the courage to do so.