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Imagine SelfLove

Imagine you loved yourself
So fiercely that you were dangerous
To all the darkness clawing at you
To believe you were not worthy?
How different would your every moment be?

How would you feed yourself life?
Would pleasure become a deep dive
Into soul purpose rather than shameful indulgence
To escape the reality of delusions
We create with scarcity and fear?

How would you bathe yourself
Acknowledging your skin coming in contact
With your very of skin,
Removing the debris that may have collected
From days and years and lifetimes
Of living on this Earth-plane?

What if every cell of you knew
It was completely supported and
Accepted in its very existence?
How would you say yes and say no
To the events that come your way
As opportunities and lessons
To fall more deeply in alignment with
Your very own journey of now?

Would time be less threatening and more magical?
Even if you were speeding along,
Speed did not mean rush and
Hurry did not mean worry,
For you knew Love had your back.

I believe your gaze would be soft
And your intuition sharp,
You would think less and feel far more
Than you ever imagined possible.
Yes, you would have the courage to be vulnerable
Because you knew it was meant for you.

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Ecosex: A Love Letter

This May I was so fortunate to acquaint myself with Scotland. The land reenforced by mission to align with the spirit of this magical planet. The rugged hills, craggy cliffs, tender wildflowers and countless lakes make the entire country one big national park. But this is all just Earth, yet modern life creates distinctions between what types of land and life belong where and how to label them. In Scotland, I did not feel such boundaries. I was traveling through an unmanicured continuum of earthly wonder. Even in cities and neighborhoods, humans upheld the wildness of nature. It seemed they were not threatened by the spirit of life. Their yards we cared for with intension and detail, however, they exemplified coexistence. Without micromanaging, what already grew was allowed to be and thrive. 

Man often talks of nature as something he discovered rather than what created him. Something that needs to be supervised or else she will extend beyond our control, just as all free women do. Truth be told, the world does not need to be put in order. She IS in order and it is up to humans to put ourselves in unison with that order. Earth consciousness is far greater than any will of man.  

“I like nature,” is such a strange identification, but one you hear a lot today, for it is en vogue to take trips to REI and sport your gear for your next social media occasion. I believe it is actually an unconscious yearning to rediscover our roots, but only knowing how through a capitalist lens. In any case, we have come to a digital age in which we feel the need to name that distinction. Earthlings, we have been flattened by the three-dimensionality of intellectual modern life, denying ourselves of what we are. 

Humans have long been taking the approach that Earth is our mother. No matter how many stupid things we do, she is there to give us more water, food, air, and more love…love that we do not even know is love because it is so essential to the cellular make up of our being. So essential that we cannot even differentiate it from our very existence. She is the estranged, abused, neglected mother that tolerates, adjusts, and gives far beyond what keeps her well, to say, “I believe in you. I trust that you can return to your truth, and even if you don’t, let me hold you.”

I invite you to take a different perspective, where Earth is not our mother, but our lover. One we hold with ultimate gratitude and appreciation every single day, whom we would never dare harm. One we help heal and help give birth to more and more life. We are excited to collaborate with her such that we both grow brighter. A lover we stand by even when she rages and weeps. We understand that upsets are a call for respectful, compassionate attention rather than fearful threats. We are willing to get dirty. The lover we hold sacred for impregnating us with life, abundance and sensation far beyond any mindscape. The lover we yearn to dig our hands into, stroke, lick, to rest against, and gaze into with awe, for all eternity. 

I do believe this is the way to trust life again and the way to deep peace. To be in love with the wholeness woven from infinite complexity. I will not take for granted all the gifts from my eternal lover, and I will do everything within me to know the abundance we have within us, and the support we have from her. 

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How Can I Be Kind to Myself Today?

The Heart is the seat of the Soul. Both surrounded by all other aspects of you, and infused into all other aspects of you. Guided by the white light of the Universe and supported by the energy of this Earth.

There are so many reasons, especially from our earliest days, why we are unable to fully love ourselves. We enter this world completely vulnerable and helpless, and also so psychically awake. Without boundaries, we take on guilt and shame for things happening in our environment, and from this we subconsciously form our self-image. We create a hard shell for survival. If we continue to hide in it later in life, it is ultimately self-defeating. We are blocked from a mysterious, full life of intimacy and sensation. How do we juggle receptivity and assertiveness, connection and isolation, familiar and unknown? 

Asking for support not only takes courage, it requires emotional honesty. Furthermore, managing your own impulses and responding to others’ emotional needs is a complex task. “We all have empathy, but we often don’t have enough courage to display it,” (Maya Angelou) for it is not only difficult to show up for someone who is struggling, but because it opens us up to our own pain. Yet, we do not need to relate to be able to support one another. I wish that we are kind to each other, and that we witness ourselves in new ways, for we are all still learning how to be humans on this Earth.

Exploring the countless in-between places that are needing attention and care. My friend was inspired to highlight the lines of energy that came from this practice.

How can I be kind to myself today?
Emotional maturity asks I find balance
Between my petulant inner child and stern adult.
Vulnerability and Strength are not strangers,
Nor opposites, but equals.

When wounds open, red heart-juice gushes in
To say, “I matter. I am supported.”
Those scabs you continue to pick
Keep your world small.
When you love yourself,
Your world continues to expand.

The “outside” may be demanding a lot,
But it is only a test of how much I love myself.
You can’t keep neglecting yourself.
Life is always expecting more of us,
May you not be intimidated to give more.

You have been giving and giving,
Heart so big and it is time
To turn it back to your own precious self.
This selfishness is not about pleasure or greed,
But about loving up on yourself again and again,
For the sake of no one else.

Receive more than you need without throttling it.
Let it lead toward your highest good,
For you are worthy of abundance.
You are Abundance.
Spirit does not judge you for living in your light.

This is the place where I feel completely supported and free to be my full and vibrant self.
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Love, Loss and Light

OK…so a little poetry? Maybe? I dunno, I have never done this.

The last couple months have been incredibly dense, having several unexpected shifts with very intimate aspects of my life. With this so, I’m choosing a different writing format, one in which I don’t use more words than needed to connect ideas. Enjoy… 

When you feel you have lost so much,
the Universe has a way of returning to you
the most important parts,
and you realize these are enough.

Abundance remains.

Scraping away the extra,
becoming aware of all the debris
and the bottomless, condition-less love
you knew you had,
but didn’t really know you have.

Grief swallows you, and you recognize
your tremendous capacity for love,
thus there is no room for fear to exist.
The intellect has disengaged,
and what remains is sensation, allowing, and grace.

I feel no boundaries of bodily flesh
between myself and the rest of what is here.
Oozing heart-being floating in the sunshine,
birds singing and deep Earth keeping me safe.

Heart heavy because she holds so so much,
is a reminder that we are beyond full,
bursting with emotions,
rather than empty with loss or lostness.

Greif is laudation,
as it is the essential way
love honors what it misses.

Many say that hate is the opposite of love,
but it is fear that is truly the lowest vibration,
the absence of light.

We live too often with our hearts protected,
our thoughts monitored behind a wall of reserve,
convinced that connection may lead to disaster.

So we posture, role play, and judge,
appearing to be assembled
and yet we are not connected.
We cling in dimness.

Love, unlike fear, builds confidence.
When you give your love to someone
it changes your life,
and the lives of others completely.

Simply smile at the stranger and
connect in a way that makes you feel
like you have shared a secret.
You have shared your light.

When you allow yourself to be visible,
filaments of connection ignite as affirmations of belonging.
As your connection to this Earthlife grows,
your light will have no choice but to illuminate
what you see and what sees you.

There was never meant to be the question
of whether or not you are lovable
You already are.